Our Test Automation services focuses on offering world class test automation strategies and automation of regression test suites. Our seasoned test automation experts have experience in identifying the right test case for automation, based on any stage in the Software Development Life Cycle.

Various Automation testing activities carried out by our seasoned “Automation Testing Team” includes;

  • Developing and configuring test automation networks and executing stability and performance tests.
  • Coordinate with product management and software and support engineers to deliver stable enterprise software products.
  • Develop and execute test automation through LabView, Python and hardware and software test tools.
  • Enhance test frameworks and develop automated tests using Quick Test Professional to ensure consistency.
  • Estimate test accurately and coordinate with team members for work activities.
    Apply, design and develop automated testing strategies and build automated testing frameworks.
  • Analyze and verify best automated and manual test approaches and execute acceptance, integration, installation and system testing.
  • Involve in product design to guarantee adherence of test coverage for meeting end user requirements.
  • Record test results and report and verify software bug fixes to accept automation criteria.
  • Coordinate with program and development management teams in product development lifecycle to conform end user product and quality requirements and shipment schedule.
  • Analyze performance test requirements and develop test plans and debug to understand test objective requirements.
  • Handle performance testing and present results for validating and analysis to Project Teams.
  • Establish test strategy and manual and automated test suites.
  • Prepare software defect tracking and report entire project release status to stakeholders.