Organization’s ability to formulate an effective data migration testing Plan and Strategy is critical to their ability to deliver a successful data migration project. One of our key strengths at Immaculate Resources is our ability to carry out an effective E2E functional & non-functional testing activities on a data migration project.

Various Data Migration testing activities carried out by our seasoned “Data Migration Testing Team” includes;

  • Working with clients in gathering business specifications/requirements for data migration needs.
  • Work across multiple functional projects to understand data usage and implications for data migration.
  • Assist in designing, planning and managing the data migration process.
  • Work with subject matter experts and project team to identify, define, collate, document and communicate the data migration requirements.
  • Prepare data migration plans including migration risk, milestones, quality and business sign-off details.
  • Manage assigned risks and monitor potential impacts as part of the data migration plan.
  • Develop best practice, processes, and standards for effectively carrying out data migration activities.
  • Perform source system data analysis in order to manage source to target data mapping.
  • Perform migration and testing of static data and transaction data from one core system to another.
  • Perform data migration audit, reconciliation and exception reporting.
  • Manage cross-program data assurance for physical data items in source and target systems.