Immaculate Resources Limited is an independent software testing consultancy with proven credentials in the full system development life cycle, deep insight in testing and compliance to enable our clients perform at their peak. We test the business and technical functions of software products and services such as business models, databases, volume input / output and transaction rates prior to release for general use.

Our ability to deliver results is driven by a thorough understanding of the industries in which our clients live. We are fully aware our client’s success is based on how well the underlying IT systems function and how well the systems comply with regulatory requirements, quality objectives, and project constraints. We build on industry best practices in the markets we serve. We are well trained and apply proven system testing and quality assurance methodologies and techniques. With a talent for getting the job done right, from the start, systems go into production faster and with fewer problems.



To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.


Our mission is to provide cost effective professional services to all our clients. We guarantee that our services will imbue clients with competitive advantages, regardless of size and market segmentation.


Immaculate Resources Ltd’s philosophy is based on the principle of ‘Clients First’. This compels us to meet and exceed customer expectations at all times.


Immaculate Resources Ltd aims to become a market leader in the provision of exceptional business and software test analysis services to SMEs. From our humble beginnings, we intend to grow the business at an annual rate of 15-20% over the coming decade. This will ensure that we reach our target of being a notable service provider, both in terms of revenues and market share.

 We are reasonably confident of attaining our goals and objectives through the creation of successful, well-satisfied customers.


Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the UK economy, constituting more than 60% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). These companies have between 50 and 250 employees and face unique challenges in comparison to the Sole Proprietors on one hand, and the big Multi-National Companies (MNCs) on the other.

The importance of SMEs to the health of the national economy is set to continue to increase, and Immaculate Resources Ltd will aid the continued success and service delivery of the SMEs to the national economy.

Our confidence at Immaculate Resources Ltd is predicated on the fact of our professionalism. We operate as a Limited company; this provides us with the necessary flexibility and cover needed to ensure that we serve our clients in an efficient and cost-effective way.